Pulsar 3.0 and APM 2.6 for FPV soaring


I got this amazing glider from  Espritmodel.com
My main goal was to use this glider for  soaring using FPV .
On board I use APM 2.6 During the flight I use 3 modes
Manual - Fly by Wire -B  - RTH.
Soaring abilites of Glider Pulsar is excellent !!
Radio: Futaba Mz 14   72 Mhz ( for long distance control )
Video equipment  5,8Ghz Tx 400ma
Please take a look video



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  • Interesting aircraft.  Not sure where the camera would go however you could make a larger nose cone to fit.

  • I use motor Turnigy GliderDrive


    During the flight in mode  Fly by Wire B current just only 7A  ( 20% programmed )
     This is enough to keep constant altitude. I use on board battery 3 cells 3200ma, but for some kind of flight you can use 3 cell 5000ma.
     I think , for special flights you can use another motor for better long term flight

  • Developer

    Looks nice!

    If you get a chance, can you post a flight log? I'm interested in seeing what sort of range a model like this would have for search and rescue applications. A flight log (along with what type of battery is fitted) would give me some idea of what it can do.

    Cheers, Tridge

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