PX 31A (Update)

Cormorant class wing
50inch span 10.5ich chord at root
Payload bay 10x5x1 inch
battery bay 2x5x1 inch

Payload capacity (yet to be tested)
RC Skill Level intermediate

this is a relatively large plane . intended for FPV and other UAV function.
slightly slower than PX33

being a slow plane , don't expect it to take on winds of 20mph its just dangerous

its intended for First timers in FPV.

>> this was revisited cause some people cant handle the speed and agility of PX33 wing

so its basically a  redesign of the PX31 model.since the original plane has no probation for payload

PX31 and PX31-A comparison by synersignart

comparison from the 1st version and 2nd version of the same wings.
5inch bigger with payload bay and more capacity.
hopeful to improve stability too

FEB23 Update

Servo relocation to maximize the control throws and baydoor flaps to prevent hardware from flying out on hard landings.

CG moved to 9inch from nose.seems more balance there.

Flight results looking good just a bit of trimming and torque reduction.

tested on 9x45 and 8x6 props


so far these where from the old wing with camera on board but flown manual.



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  • its a type of Rubberize foam, and True its almost indestructible. and for the most part im at the limits of what the material can do. most of these wings are 90% all foam construction including hinges ,control surfaces and spars . takes on a wider variety of adhesives too.

    been doing wings since 2013. and its obviously the choice material for the build


    Fold it up


    Parked on.


  • What material have you used to build this wing?, it seems like a foam which might be almost indestructible

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