In this video you can see a full automatic mission with the "PX4 VTOL" firmware, installed on a single Pixhawk.
The current code is now fairly stable, and if the system is properly calibrated can perform missions more complex.
Thanks to Lorenz Meier, Roman Babst and Andreas Antener (PX4 Development Team) for the excellent work they're doing, and for implemented some features that i suggested after my tests.


("APM:Copter" Lead Tester)

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  • Marco

    I agree a VTOL is a compromise, but if the application requires more flight time efficiencies can be achieved by prioritizing winged flight over quad flight, by reducing the quad components to a minimum, because they are only required for VTOL, not for flight endurance. The concept of VTOL with a quadplane is not to have quad like performance with it, rather only to give it vertical takeoff and landing capability. Accordingly reducing the quad components to a minimum and optimizing the plane for high speed cruise can actually improve range, despite having to carry the quad around at a cost.

    In my previous post I asked whether you experienced any issues with the quad props auto rotating in plane mode. Do you have any data on how this effects battery consumption seeing that you are not using a ESC brake?

    Regards JB

  • Developer

    This is a calculation that should not be done.
    The VTOL is a compromises in terms of efficiency.

  • Marco

    No Brake? Do the props spin and create lift or aren't you travelling fast enough horizontally? Spinning props create both drag and turbulence over the wing which reduces flight time etc.

  • Moderator

    @The Sun - I might be able to help you.  

  • Developer

    @ JB: no brake.

    @ Pmarche: grazie a te!

  • Ti ringrazio molto Marco!

  • @ Bill

    Nice talon. Looks familiar somehow! ;-)

    @ Marco

    How do you go with the quad props auto-rotating? Do you have a ESC brake?

  • Fantastic transition, very smooth.  Had to out a coat on though, just watching made me feel cold!

  • Developer


  • Marco, what Ground Control software are you using?.

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