Python library for Ardupilot Plane

If you want to connect your companion PC to the latest ArduPlane release, get telemetry data or commanding your custom path planning algorithm, I hope this little library of mine comes in handy.

The class Plane() is basically a wrap around dronekit: it simplifies some variable names and functions and make it easy on SITL to "arm and takeoff". Main functions are:

  • connect() for connecting with the autopilot
  • set_ap_mode() / get_ap_mode() for setting, getting the autopilot flight mode
  • arm_and_takeoff() for arming and takeoff like copter
  • mission_add_takeoff() for quickly adding a takeoff item to your mission
  • set_ground_course() for setting the ground course in Guided mode
  • get_rc_channel() / set_rc_channel()

Find my code on Github

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