Hello DIY Friend's,

This is my latest video, QAV250 Carbon Fiber Edition, Building TimeLapse Log, i hope you enjoy! 

Here is my Setup

Lumenier QAV250 Carbon Fiber Edition
OpenPilot CC3D Atom
Tiger Motor 12A 600hz simonK ESCs 
Lumenier (Tiger motor Rebranded) FX2006-13 2000kv motors
Gemfan 5x3 props
Lumenier CS-600 super camera
IBCrazy 5.8ghz cloverleaf ULTRA antenna 
Lumenier 1300mah 3s lipo
Mobius action cam 1080 30fps
Spektrum DX8

P .00215 .00245 .00610
I .00400 .00505 .00520
D .000040 .000040 .000020

And 35% Expo un my TX

I made this quad just for speed Racers, so maybe i'll add some more 4S emotion in the future... Any advices to increase my speed and stability are welcome!

Thanks for watching!

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  • Moderator

    Hmm nice idea! I will try this next week, and made some reviews about the tilt servo difference. 

    I post here my results :) 

    Thank you again for the ideas.

  • This is a good example but I would not use a perfect stabilisation like this.

    No stab for low pitch angles and stab only for high pitch angles... a kind of expo stabilisation.

    You can do it maybe with some code in your controller but the easiest way is to create a mix in your radio with pitch stick to control the tilt servo and, if you can, a switch in your radio to enable/disable that feature.

    This way, you won't be that much confused on the copter pitch direction but you will still be able to see what's in front of you at high pitch values

    I've no 250 frame for the moment, just some ideas ;)

  • Moderator

    Thank you Julien!

    I was thinking about tilt servo, did you already flight with it?
    I think the stabilized image will confuse my brain during fast flights, but i need to test to make sure.

    Here is an implementation example:

  • Nice built!

    You could add a tilt servo for your cam because at full pitch, you'll see the ground and not what's in front of you... that's imo the first thing to increase your speed!

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