Quad Copter Mountain Sufing

Since we've got our own quad platform mountain we're slowly starting to progress further into mountains. The neat thing about quads: You can really "interact" with people. Great fun :)

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  • yes, 4S. No APM on the quads right now, running on Naza

  • Really sense of speed as stated by Jason.
    running on 4S I suppose, and APM flight controller?

  • Nice grassroots stuff again Trap. Cool video. 

  • thanks and when do we get to see the wing ?

  • james, TBS DISCOVERY with RCTimer 750kV motors, 30A OPTO ESCs from DJI and Graupner 9x5. Anti-vibration done with various test-items, so that's why it's fairly inconsistent in terms of frame rate (30 & 60) as well as resolution (1080 and 720).

  • hey trappy can you share your quad setup ?

  • thanks Jason. Keep in mind we're just getting started ... :D

    that flying wing is a prototype design and I'd hate to give the "competition" information what we're working on :)

  • Developer

    Nice, I've flown lots of quads with FPV and I never have that kind of confidence or sense of speed and position. You make it look like a plane. BTW, why is that flying wing pixelated at the end? 


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