Quad First flight

It took me a while to get to this point, Build log (in dutch) but now i am almost there. Yes almost, I've got myself a very strange arming procedure. But enjoy the video first.



Arming procedure:

  1. Connect copter whit USB to laptop.
  2. Let APM 2.0 Boot
  3. Connect Lipo (laptop crash if i do this)
  4. Hear 4 motors arm
  5. turn on the camera ;-)
  6. fly

If i don't follow this procedure i am getting only 1 motor to arm Not really the way to go but for me its not possible to find the solution. 


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  • 3D Robotics
    Thanks for the update. Glad it's working well now!
  • It's a old post i know but i thought to let you know that after updating to 2.6 firmware the boot up problem is GONE it works like a charm now!

  • I got my APM 2.0 Back from the USA, it took some weeks BUT this was the shipping to the USA that coused the delay. The fixed it and send it back in just a couple of day's.

    I spend this night putting everything back (and adding my FPV) and finisched some hovering in the garden. Unfortunatly Andreas is right the arming issue is still present. So let the search to solve this begin.....


  • I am hoping to prove you wrong ;-) 

  • I can use a uBEC to boot the APM2 and then connect the ESCs to the LIPO. This procedure will circumvent the ESC arming issue.

    No I have not experienced the USB rebooting Laptop issue (fortunately). Also never played with the jumper (I think it's installed by default now).

    Since your initial description is so dead on to what I'm seeing, I would expect the ESC arming issue to persist even if you get a replacement.

  • Do you also need a uBEC and does youre laptop resets when you connect the Lipo?

  • Sounds to me like you are having the same esc arming issue with apm2 that several of us are experiencing. I'm using the same USB booting workaround that you are using.

  • 3D Robotics

    email help@3drobotics.com 

  • I can power the board whit USB but this wil also try to power the motor's i am getting little twiches from al 4 motors and beeping (very dimm) 

    I can't power the board from a esc even whit jp1 on. But if i measure the plus and min its 5V whit all the other bizarre stuff going on i am afraid you're conlusion is right.. how do i organize a RMA?

  • 3D Robotics

    If you can't power your board with USB, it's defective. Get a RMA and return it. 

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