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  • Actually looks a lot like the TBS Discovery except it doesn't have the wider set front arms for camera clearance that the Discovery has.

    It also doesn't come with the leg extenders shown which are sold separately and out of stock.

    I suppose that for some applications the more symmetrical prop layout of this might be better, but at $118.00 it is pretty close to the price of the TBS Discovery top and bottom plates plus a DJI FlameWheel Airframe kit.

    And one of the things I have definitely seen is that copies of DJI FlameWheel legs are often not made from as sturdy a plastic as the real DJI ones, of course have no real idea about that here.

  • Not knocking this, but it looks like standard f450 frame  - not sure what is new about a design like this, we all put our cameras in same location for FPV on standard f450 frame from DJI. The leg extensions are just 2 pieces of either G10 or Carbon or Delrin, and also we can get those 3D printed and look exactly like ones made aftermarket for f450 frame as well. 

    Doesn't look new or unique for APM, we all use DJI frame just like the one you picture above.

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