Quadcopter Park Flight with video...

I took the quad out the a nearby park for a more extensive flight.

All went very well, got 10+ minutes of great video.  The quad was carrying a 5000mAh battery and my Contour video camera.  I still am having difficulty identifying the orientation of the quad when it's quite a ways off, you can tell in the video where I am trying to establish which way a given control will move it.


Alignment of the video camera was poor, it was a last minute strap-down with velcro and zip-ties.  I'm working on a more practical undercarriage for the quad that would allow me to better mount/balance the battery and the camer.  This should also allow me to clean up the video, keeping the aircraft out of the frame as well as ensuring that the video is oriented squarely.  As you can see in the video, I've got the camera tilted a bit.





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  • Dennis, 

    Thanks for viewing the vid.  Yes, I'm using an APM 2.0, one of th early versions with the separate daughter board on top with the integrated GPS.  So far I like it.  I had previously mounted it to the quad with velcro and 4 zip ties through the corner mounting holes.  I then mounted a tupperware bowl for crash protection.  I just re-mounted it with a 3DR APM2 enclosure.  Looks much better and will offer protection, so I will leave off the tupperware...

    Take care!

  • Hi Carl!  Yes, I enjoy seeing videos of other Droner's regions...  I especially like the videos I see out of Europe.  I have decided to add a large piece of foam in the Aft area of the Quad, mostly for visibility, but also for stability in forward flight.... I suppose it may make it tough flying sideways, dragging that end to the rear like a wind vane, but we'll see.  I need to post some pictures of the quad.  I've attached two fiberglass tubes running forward/rearward, side by side, in order to provide a scaffolding or "fuselage" that I have used to attach the vide transmitter and a forward viewing video camera.  I have the quad configured as an X platform, so it flys with two leading and two trailing props... if that makes any sense.

  • Very nice. Aside from when you're maneuvering the quad around the vid looks fairly stable. Are you flying with APM 2.0?

  • Hi Mike Good to see you are back in the Air! What I like about FPV is I get to see what it is like in other parts of the world .I can see mountains in the background! I am not a Quad guy But There are people on here that might have some suggestions for helping to orientate your Quad  Have a great day Mike!

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