Quadrotor extreme long range

Taking my TBS DISCOVERY for a long range flight across my backyard alpine wonderland. How do you manage extreme long range with quadrotors? With some careful pre-flight planning and a battery-swap-team on the mountain!


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  • You got me, I meant to type distance :)  I don't think anyone has really tried to optimized a multi for distance before.  It would be an interesting project. 

  • Jonathan, the goal of this project is not endurance :) the VTx / VRx setup is the TBS 2.4GHz tuned video transmitter and reciver

    Carl, yes. 

  • Thanks for sharing Were you in "Com " contact with the battery changers ? Have a grest day! 

  • Awesome, Trappy!  Care to share what FPV and Rx equipment you use to make such a long journey?  If you really were going for just endurance I would try higher pitch props, since they may be more efficient for forward flight.  It would be an interesting experiment to see if you gain any distance/endurance.

  • I enjoyed watching that a lot. You have some nice friends to help out along the way!

  • Jake, the pilot is at the launch spot at the start :)

  • Great fun. Would be sweet if you would edit the video to show where you are transmitting from... given line-of-sight, I'm guessing you are way off down in the valley somewhere? Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thanks Hooks.

    Jack Crossfire, the point is everything in between is flown. The last mountain takes 1hr from the launch spot to the peak, the quad does it in 3 minutes and can see it from perspectives never seen before.

    Crasher, no, it's not. The battery position corrects the CG nicely.

  • Frm what I've seen of the discovery, the intended Lipo position looks as if the CofG is way off centre. Is this the case?
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    King! To all other, try fly your multi to max range.. Then you see the point of this video.
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