QuadRotor Project


I have started my quadrotor project.

Im using the mikrokopter frame with some additional center plates and a few modifications.
E-flite motors, with E-flite ESC. An arduino MEGA board. A Vectornav VN-100 which includes magnetometers, accelerometers, gyros, and an onboard kalman filter. Xbee PRO modules. Laptop with Labview.

Right now Im testing and tunning my own PID controller. Here are some pics of my quad and a small clip showing the actual behaviour of the controller, which I have to improve.

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    the BORG has arrived !!
  • Hi.

    Im developing my own PID controller because this is my undergraduate final project. Im not only developing the PID controller, Im also trying some other digital controllers based on a linear model I've done based on experimental data, but us you guys know the system is not linear, so this is just an aproximation. So far the best PID gains I have obtained have been found manually. The PID I have implemented on the Arduino is based on something called digital direct structures, which is a method to program digital PID (and any other discrete linear controller), where you dont have to manually calculate derivatives or integrals.
  • That is the coolest qaudcopter I've seen so far ,and I'm working on my own quad ,custom frame, not sure on the flight controller yet? any suggestions would help I will upload some drawings..good looking rig!
  • Why are you developing your own PID, just as an exersize or you thinking you can build a better mouse trap? Good lookin rig, keep us updated on your progress
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