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  • From memory the total weight is about 1.2kg. As for battery i am using a 3S Rhino 2150mAh LiPo from
  • Nice work,

    I'm actually planning on using wii motion plus and a cheap (< $20 from ebay) 3-axis accelerometer for my quadrocopter stabilisation. I'm using for the arduino though.

    ps. Your setup seems to of the same size as mine, any estimation on the weight and what kind of batte(ry/ies) are you using? I need to get some new lipos for my project...
  • No self leveling yet, that will come when i add accelerometers. ESCs are Turnigy Plush 18A (really cheap) and they are PWM. Control loop runs at 200Hz and the Turnigy seems to be handling this update rate fine.
  • I'm impressed, I like dsPIC's. Does it do self leveling for hands off stability? What esc's are you using and are they i2c or PWM?
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