"Quattro-bit" almost ready for production.

3689419676?profile=original I started a blog post some time back for a pre-production prototype we have been working on called the Quattor-bit.  We have made a bit of changes after some suggestions, so we deleted the old blog and decided to start fresh with a new one.  We originally wanted to call it the Quattro-bit, but thought we might run into copyright issues ( Victorinox Quattrobit knife).  Well, it's almost done.  Everything seems to be working as hoped.  


We plan on selling the frame for around $300 with motors and ESCs'.  The arms are made of thick pulltruded carbon tubes.  The body is molded carbon fabric, but we also will be offering a fiberglass version at a lower unit cost. We are trying to use as little metal as possible, screws etc.  The motor mounts are 3mm carbon panel, virtually indestructable.  The mounts are fastened to the removable arms by wrapping 15 feet of carbon thread soaked in high grade epoxy resin.  The body is large enough to hold a 11.1V 2600mah battery, and of course an APM.  It will handle motors ranging from 22mm to 28mm can diameter.  Gone are the Helicopter style landing gear.  This size is more suited for small fpv gear, which we will demonstrate with later updates.   We are still fabricating some of the parts, but this is what it will basically look like.  Welcome any thoughts, suggestions, or questions.  Couple of more videos on Youtube, just type quattro-bit in the search query. 




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  • hope to see them for sale soon please keep us updated     Tom 

  • yes i can do the cutting on my end i can work with CF for most applications but i don't have any equipment to lay resin and cloth, no problems working it once it is cured.

    i can understand the trouble getting good materials i have had a problem getting CF sheets and tubing that is the right quality, thickness and finish, and i refuse to make due with poor materials it really does make for fewer problems all down the line

    thanks again and your quad really is a very complete looking package, nice work!

  • Like the frame, clean and neat. Would love to get hold of one of this.

  • I will let you know about the bodies Hibben as soon as I can.  We are waiting for some fabric to come in, not too pleased with what we got from our last supplier.  By the way, do you have the tools to cut out for your arms?  We don't have any Arducopter frames, any alterations needed to mount it to your frame will have to be done on your end.  

  • Thought I would go ahead and show our larger version.  Plenty of room inside.  Landing gear dampens pretty well.  weighs 1.9 lbs with electronics, but without battery.  With 11.1V 5000mah weighs 2.7 lbs.  Plenty of power for large SLR.  3692252795?profile=original

  • WOW!!

    that is awesome. i love the look of it the egg body is perfect, i think all quads and tris or y6s as in my case look better in a full body and the egg is beautiful, you mentioned a while back that you were planning to sell the body's as well, i hope that you still are planing to do this because i will buy one as soon as they are ready to go

    please keep us all posted the video was great i love the way you toss it into the air    

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