The Exo360 brings together the latest in drone and VR technology for the ultimate immersive experience. With 5 integrated 4K cameras, the Exo360 offers an uninterrupted 360 video for use with your VR headsets. The footage can be viewed in real-time or uploaded to YouTube or Facebook360 upon landing.

The drone can capture video in both linear and spherical modes, and 16MP images. With the use of our 360 video capture you will never need a gimbal again!

To learn more please go to Queen B Robotics
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  • Good Evening Gary, 

    Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Upon shipping the Exo360 in the fall, the stabilization and edge alignment stitching will be performed onboard. Our onboard flight data maintains the horizon within the video thereby compensating for windy environments. 

    In regards to higher quality 360, we will be launching a series of 360 videos alongside our Indiegogo campaign on May 31st. Thanks again for your input and I look forward to updating you next week.

    For any other inquiries please feel free to contact us at Domain Name For sale
  • Hi Chris,

    I notice when looking at the actual 360 videos linked to by others for your copter and when I use the 360 view pan feature, to the sides there is considerable misalignment of camera overlap.

    And also there is quite a bit of jerkiness, lack of focus and video "tearing" ostensibly from non-global shutter and no compensation or stabilization.

    These items are normal in ungimbaled copters and the Parrot Bebop and Sony Action cameras compensate (stabilize) with oversized sensors and real time software.

    they are not yet entirely successful but do clearly illustrate that this kind of stabilization may yet succeed.

    I believe roll is the most difficult problem as it is axial and has the greatest difficulty to fix.

    Of course with 5 cameras and a 360 degree view it would seem to me that the problems would be considerably more.

    Is it your intention to leave camera screen edge alignment and stabilization to post processing or do you have intentions to build fixes into your copter/cameras?

    The video you have shown is very interesting but I am skeptical of it's reality and the ones that illustrate your 360 capability are way too problematic and low quality for professional or in my view even consumer use.

    And ostensibly this is in a use with no wind or gusts and very little copter movement.

    The video you show in your accompanying video does show extreme high definition and excellent quality but does not actually illustrate the 360 capability at all.

    After looking at the 360 videos and your video, I have to ask was it actually made with your copter or have you just improved things that much?

    And if so, it might be good to provide a video that actually showcases your 360 capability at that quality level.

    Best Regards,


  • This is lovely! I had asked for a 360 drone here ^^ I saw another 360 spherical drone at CeBIT this year which looked like a cube (2 quadrotors stacked vertically) with 6 GoPros. 

  • Oh, interesting.  This hockey clip looks quite different as well.

  • Developer

    Actual on-board video here:

  • Interesting looking system.

    Are those aerial images shown in the video clip coming from the actual device?

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