Quick Post: ArduPilotMega Shield/OilPan Photos!

Is not ready yet, has tiny mistakes, but the tweaked boards is under the last hardware performance test's , as soon as i get an answer, I will start the mass production... ETA two weeks! (Maybe sooner).

The shield can be bottom placed (oil pan) or in the top (Shield). I would suggest the bottom side so you protect the IC's and have a lower profile!

Poll: Do you prefer the Shield in Red or Blue?

See ya!

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  • Developer
    my understanding is the oilpan/shield will be at the diydrones store only.

    The ArduMega is sold at sparkfun (as you probably know).
  • will the shield be listed on diydrones store, or sparkfun?
  • Developer
    WOW!!! That's absolutely super-nice.
  • great to hear Chris..

    Drooling here!

  • 3D Robotics
    We're looking at about ten days till first shipments.
  • No offence chaps...don't care if its sky blue pink with polka dots....

    Just wanna get my hands on one! :)

    Need to play! :)


  • Vote: Red Shield
  • Developer
    Even if V2 is not officially supported by ArduPilotMega dev team, you will still be able to use it with some modifications. I will help with this as I have created a custom ArduIMU v1.5 that mimics v2. I will port it to Mega soon after it is released. Earl is currently remapping I/O and com ports, he may have a working demo?
  • Just use the ardupilot first, you can always switch to ardumega later, and try to sell the ardupilot equipment.. but it seems like it will still be a while..

  • Chris,
    I was hoping there was a bright side to the situation.

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