RAD Aerials first video edit

Not too bad for my first edit. Used premier (my first time)

Tried uploading it to vimeo for copyright reasons, but no go.

So I uploaded to you tube. The only country that its blocked in is Germany...


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  • Thanks Carl! :)))

  • It was rather tedious, I spent 90% of the time there explaining to curious on lookers how and why the quad is able to fly... Repeating the same explanation 100+ times was hell! :)

  • Also no post stabilization...

  • it was my first time flying around the public. I was nervous, i also need to reduce the gain on the yaw :)

    There was surpising little mud on the copter. The things that hit the most mud were the props. The rest was fairly clean...

  • Not bad.  I can't believe you let the copter get hosed with mud.  And I can't believe it took it!  

    Some of the movements are a bit jerky though, especially the pan.

  • Here in Africa the chicks are hardcore :)

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