ramblings about the Corvid Y6 build


i have finally gotten almost all of the materials i need to build my new Y6, cf sheets in 1.5mm, and cf tubes in 20mm id with 1mm wall, and 50mm id with a 1mm wall.

i have gotten the main box pieces cut for the folding arms and the motor nacelles and arm mounts for the design above.

all of the main parts have been glued together and seem very lite and strong, once i get them all assembled i will post pictures. i am still waiting on the control system/ stabilizer, i am using the FY-91Q and the FY-20A for the camera mount, i actually have several control systems already, namely the wii multicopter board, the KK board with the xx2.0 firmware, however i like the features that the FY-91Q has and i found the wii board to be twitchy in the ACC mode,i added the barometric altitude sensor, however it seems to float up and down about 2 meters when it is engaged, and seems to have arming issues no matter what i do. the kk board fly's great but it is very basic, and has no advanced features like hover hold or return to home, so i am waiting for the FY-91Q to be delivered.   

the motors are avroto's 2814 @ 770kv, i have these on my tricopter and running a 14.8v lipo pack at 3000mha, i am getting over 17 min of flight time using 12x3.8 props , this is a no payload flight time however, and in full flight trim i get 12 min, that is carring a GoPro camera, video tx, antennas, and the EMR labs 3D camera for video to the pilot, OSD, GPS, and a 500mha batt, so not a bad flight time i think. plus these motors are rather heavy also.

anyway back to the Y6 it will use 6 of these motors and i have ordered CF props in 12x3,8 from Mikrokopter USA, the reason i have ordered these is, A. because they look cool. and B. because i was getting tip flutter on the tricopter with APC nylon props, they just aren't stiff enough to lift that much weight without flexing, and it caused a lot of vibration that messed up the video from the GoPro causing me to have to fly with 10x4.7 APC props and i only get 8 min with these fully loaded. this is pretty good i think because the tricopter is very heavy, i hope that the Y6 will be lighter all around.

the speed controllers i am using are the turnagy plush in 30 amp, these have been great for me in the past and i have them on the tricopter and have had no issues, however if any one has an ESC they want to recommend please let me know.

well that is good for now i will update as i go and add pictures as well


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