Range Video's FPV flying wing, the RVJET

I'm always on the look out for a "perfect" plane.  What I've learned is that there is no such thing, every airframe is a compromise.  The idea now is to find the most versatile aircraft.  This might be it.

3689497048?profile=originalThere has been a lot of buzz around this plane at FPVLAB and RCG.  Range Video has been releasing tantalizing clips and updates for the past 6 months.  According to their site, it goes on sale in February.

I'm particularly excited about this plane because it is designed to be versatile.  It breaks down easily for storage and transportation, and will ship with two wing configurations.  Additional wing extensions can be added for endurance and potential soaring.  They have even proposed adding an additional fuselage.

The nose houses an integrated (no glare) pan tilt that is compatible with a GoPro.

3689497104?profile=original3689497171?profile=original3689497088?profile=originalA gentleman who goes by boopidoo on the forums is one of the designers and has posted a lot of good info.

The Range Video page has been updated with flight clips and shots from the manual.

Thus far, I've liked everything I've seen.  I'm hoping this turns out to be my "perfect" plane.  I can't wait to see some build logs and flight reviews.  Ideally, someone will build one with APM 2.5 and share their experiences.

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  • Boopidoo signing in, hello guys! :)

    Regarding rudder it's true that the RVJET lacks this. However we did have rudders in mind when designing the fins. They extrude far enough behind the TE so it should be quite easy to cut out large rudders and the servos could either be embedded in the fins or in the wing. If this mod i performed the dual rudders could also be used as an airbrake.
  • It looks from the site that it will come ARF, is this correct?  Will this be an "add your RX and battery and go"?  Will the wing extensions, additional fins and additional fuselages be available right away?  Any idea of the cost of these?

  • Any idea of the selling price ? Is there a recommanded motor / battery configuration ? (I would love to use my 5000mAh 4s hyperion batteries :) )

  • 100KM

    I've been eyeballing this one as well.  I would make it a long endurance plane with an arduflyer in it.

  • Sexelent !!!

  • Yes. Our price for re-sellers is very appealing and we welcome new distributors to join the fun :)

    The MSRP is not publicized yet but will be ready by next week. We keep spending more money (on stufff) and the price just wont settle down.

  • Any plans with distribution from EU? Shipping costs US->EU would kill every joy from that plane.



  • interesting designed craft though.. very cool.

  • at least to minimize the left, right, left, right effect.. but I guess if you really are flying commercially (when allowed) then you probably would have a craft with a rudder.

  • A stock f3.6mm lens for 1/3" CCD is usually about 90 degrees FOV.
    The total pan range is 170 degrees. Of course the pan is not as useful with the wide angle Gopro  as it is with a micro cam.  It's still neat and you can connect camera stabilization to achieve a neat effect. 
    I like you idea.

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