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  • Oh... I am connecting WTF to Channel 1.. I have tried assigning ROFL to it as well to no avail. What's the benefit of having LOL set to 1?
  • The file is now available HERE in the autonomous and semi-autonomous forum.

    P.S. You are all invited to join that forum here: register.

  • Still works for me in IE7,anyone willing to host the document?

  • Nope, I think the link went down, anyone kind enough to email me at peterho78 at please? Curiosity is killing me!


  • Did you try right clicking on the link and left clicking "save target as"......?

  • i can´t open the manual, is it possible that someone sends it to my mail? thanks.
  • @Chris,

    You beat me to it.

    The sim is actually pretty good, so good that  it can be used to regain currency if it lapses. Per the regulatory requirements for the use of a Raven A (and B) system by Department of Interior employees: 

    "...If currency is lost prior to a mission, the operator must regain currency by flying three emergency scenarios in the UAS simulator OR fly under the observation of a current UAS pilot or certified trainer".

    Given the cost and difficulty of airspace access, it's a great option. 

  • T3
    Ooh any reposts?
  • AAA+ customer :)
  • This will help me with the one I bought on Ebay. : )
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