RC Mower Project


This my First post to DIYdrones Blog and hope to keep it up to date as I evolve this project.

I have some new Videos on My YouTube Channel.  

Currently I have not Automated the Unit, but have several different versions of the Mower and Drive System.

I have settled on a version that uses a Wheel Chair Base, with Scorpion Controller.  It currently 
uses just 2 channels off an RC Unit.  This controls the Dual Wheel Drive system.

As you can see from the picture above, the mowing section is separate from the rover drive system.

If you look close in the picture below, you will see I have an APM - ArduPilot Mega + IMU. I have install the Rover Software, but am working on converting it to a dual wheel drive/steering system.


Check out the Test Drive Video's



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  • You have just reignited my childhood nightmares from Maximum Overdrive.  

    That said, this is still cool.

  • The wheelchair base was bought from "The Scooter Store" a few years ago.  It was still in working order but was a rebuilt unit.  I would look on ebay or craigs list today as there are many units there forsale. They are not cheap but the motors are very heavy duty and so even an older one would work well. Depending on what is include with the unit, they can run from a couple hundred to over $1K.  

    I am using only a couple of things from the original unit.  The motors, with new Air inflated knobby tires, and the 24Volt charger.  The original control was all in the Hand Controller and so was un-usable.  Some units have a base control box with a remote joystick. These can be converted to take commands from a Micro Controller.

    I haven't worked with these but have researched them.  

    The Scorpion controller is a very heavy duty controller and connects nicely with the RC unit.  There is an additional adapter that allows you to control the wheels more preciously for speed and direction.  This would be of benefit if you are using more physical methods of tracking direction and wheel rotation.

  • Developer

    that's really great!

  • Nice work on applying the wheelchair base for the chassis.  Does it include the original charging module, or do you use a separate charger?

    My ROMow project uses a very similar approach (a vehicle towing a lawnmower attachment), except mine uses a 21-inch reel mower.  The combination works quite well!

    These kinds of projects always draw the attention of the neighbours, don't they?  Anyone asked you to build one for them?  If not, then don't worry.  They will.

  • Moderator

    Nice work Rick. How much does it cost for the wheelchair base? 

  • I find simpler can be better and currently it mows very nicely using the RC controller.

    It will be even better when I add the remote Vision system so I can sit in the lawn chair and Mow!

  • Admin


    Nice work! Very creative way of using common components to meet your lawn mowing requirements!:-)


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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