RC tips: how to use flaperon with FMA Co-Pilot CPD4

When you use FMA Co-Pilot CPD4 on a plane with 2 servos on wing (one for airelon) usually you must connect an Y cable to use correctly CPD4 stabilization.With this configuration you cant use the flaperon mix (it move the 2 wing servo to the same direction to simulate flap).My idea is to use a V-Tail hardware mixer (it cost under 10$) to use flaperons.This is the connection schema:

The V-Tail mixer output will be connected to servos, the ELEVATOR input is our flap, i suggest to connect to gear channel, the RUDDER input is the airelon input, you must connect to airelon output of CPD4.Check on the trasmitter that on gear switch off all 2 airelon are on neutral posizition, then set the position on the gear switch on.I hope that my explanation is clear.
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