Real-world flight with five Pixhawk-equipped drones using UgCS DDC

Last week we revealed the newest addition to UgCS family of ground control software - UgCS Drone Dance Controller. UgCS DDC allows the simultaneous and synchronized control of up to dozens of drones. It can be used to create spectacular shows using drones. Together with that we published a video showing the operation of 20 drones with UgCS DDC where the drones were simulated using SITL.

A few of you asked about real-world flight, so here it is. For this flight we took the five Pixhawk drones we had in our fleet and went out into the field. Both of the IRIS drones were using 3DR telemetry radios for communication while the other three used Wi-Fi modules. Here is the result:

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Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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Comment by Hugues on July 26, 2016 at 4:01am

real nice.

I notice an increasing relative positionning desynchro between drones along the mission. That means for long missions you'd either need RTK for better positionning acuracy or some form of relative repositionning between drones.

Love Awolnation !


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