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  • Franco - to your question, I think the wind from the top motors will effect too much on the bottom props.. they will have to spin double fast to have a strong push,,.

    Here is another video we did, same place with the CineStar8

  • I wonder what effect of changing the current prop spin configuration to having each arm dedicated to one direction (upper and lower props moving same direction) and alternating spin directions with each arm would have on your yaw issues. I imagine that this could limit environmental factors (such as wind) on gyroscopic-dependent yaw effects because it won't matter if the upper and lower props spin at different velocities. 

  • more of my latest videos here (different platforms as well):

  • Hey Bill, thanks again for posting the video!! Jonathan - the boards are from mikrokopter, i had to re-program to connect the 12 motors to work together, i still have to fine-tune it, ill post more video soon, with some heavier payload... ;) we did more  videos today with Realocate, will post these soon!



  • Finally, an edited video with comments !!!

    Hint to all others out there: edit the video before you post, remove the parts that are not interesting. And Explain what you are doing while you are doing it !!

  • Hey Gang,

    I've been working with Ziv Marom, who is the UAV expert. His contact info can be found here!

  • Distributor

    Very nice!  It does seem quiet, we're you using a mic when filming? 

  • Wow, impressive! What motors are you using? They sound really quiet.

  • Wow, awesome rig!  What flight controller are you using?

  • Nice!
    I'd like to meet up and compare notes.  Can't help but notice that mountain in the background as a well-known local spot :-)  Great to find others in the 'hood.


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