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Regardless of your views on Middle East conflict, everyone in this community should feel very proud after watching this video, showing APM-powered planes used for humanitarian aid. Mark Jacobsen at the Syria Airlift Project is inspiring, and I personally will be backing his work.  

The power to "democratize the skies" is why I started this community and is the ultimate goal of our projects here.  I was sure that, by making it free and open, people would find uses for the technology that I could never dream of and Mark is just more evidence that's coming true. 

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  • Thank you for the kind words, all. Rob, our Indiegogo campaign launches tomorrow and we'd be grateful for any help spreading the word. I will share the link when it goes live. Bjorn, thank you for the email on our behalf. We are talking with several aid organizations serving Syria right now and are eager to build more partnerships. Ultimately, we want to be a service provider for experienced medical organizations who know how to operate in the region.

  • Why are stories like this not dominating US Media outlets? I will be donating any assistance I can.
  • I really hope they have nothing but success.

  • Thumbs up!

    I send a link to this post to "medicines sans frontiers". Maby they can support with the legal topics in Turkey, provide the medicines to be carried and get their doctors on-site collecting/using dropped medicines.

    All the best to the project!

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