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Hi Guys  It has been a while .My plane is probably 1/2  built  I has been "modified and is now a EDF. I covered one of the wings with ultra cote  I have to re iron it a couple of more times to get it smooth You think you got it leave it for a while come back and you find spots you missed I started covering the ailerons and flaps also. Then I have to put on the hinges and rigging to the servos in the center of the wing . I found out just recently  the word Lypo and Lead start with the same letter and are not much off as far as weight goes ! In the picture of the batteries on your left is the 6s 22.2v 5000mah 30 c lipo that weighs as much as the plane beside it the little green thing is the lipo out of  my radian pro to give it  some scale and on your right is the 100amp phoenix ice ESC by castle They are going to be suspended  in front of the EDF for cooling. The fuselage still weighs under a pound  I added air scoops on each side and drilled many more holes to take the added weight back off . The EDF is mounted on "U" shaped nylon rails  I have to make a thrust tube behind the EDF and re cut the foam I already made for the fuselage  I am going to cover the Exoskeleton and fuselage foam with Rip stop nylon Sail repair tape. I have to build a elevator and I am going to laminate a over sized partially balanced rudder . I might make it a tail dagger
3689467395?profile=original3689467487?profile=original3689467571?profile=original with "Tundra tires" ( I still have the landing gear out of the "Somthin Extra and a 26 cc gas engine if this doesn't work) also is a picture of one of the  full size metal gear servos for the rudder and elevator at the back of the plane. You guys have a good day!

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  • The 6s Lypo battery threw me for a loop it is about a pound more than I figured The guy at the hobby shop ordered it in I went with a 100 amp ESC so it doesn't have to "work"  if it is running at 60% The EDF is a 80 mm Delta V 32 and the motor is a DF32 brush less 2150 kv it is the same power train they put in the Eflite Habu and the E flite F4 phantom DF 32 . The Habu has a wing area of 392 sq inches and a take off weight of 7 1/2 pounds. My wing area is 702 sq inches and I am still aiming for 5 pounds take off weight the rest of the plane is foam  I have drilled all the holes to lighten it up I can without loosing the post crash integrity It will be interesting to see what the final weight is ?most medium scale models weigh from 8 to 25 pounds or more . If it doesn't fly I have a 26cc gas engine sitting there ready to go and I nearly bought the F4 phantom 2 trips to the hobby shop ago you guys Have a good day!

  • Heck exoskeletons work great for bugs right! Someone has to ignore the naysayers and do something different.

  • Carl is kicking the ends out of normal methods and I think it is healthy.

    He may be onto an alteranate building scheme which provides "B-17" type survivability...


    You go man!

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    There's a new-fangled substance just out - called Balsa Wood - has some interesting properties too, one of which is... it's LIGHT! :))

    Teasing aside, Carl, well done, you have to be applauded for effort, did you weigh all the circles you cut out? What do you estimate the final all-up-weight & what is your wing area? Also what size EDF and what current does the motor draw? (BTW, my 6S 5Ah weighs 710g (25oz))

  •  It will be a  "Medium Scale" model Not bad when you figure the wing should lift 30 lbs + and you can stand on it and it won,t crack in the middle. The whole Idea is so it can fall out of the sky and survive

  •  1 square foot of 1/8 sheet aluminum weighs about 1.8 lbs.

  • Most of us become blind while seeing aluminium frame :D I can't wait to see it fly, so 22v 5a would weight almost 1kg, that's heavy so I assume that's the price for a great autonomy. I'm using 11v 5A on my tricopter so most people never go over 2.6a (as I can see).

  • Amazing!   the remaining  fuselage surface ares  is  less than 1 sq ft of 1/8 aluminum people can see the fuselage but  can't see the holes I drilled in it to lighten it up?

  • how much does it weigh?
    Just looking at the gauge of the aluminium, this thing is going to be a rocketship to stay in the air.

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