Refurbish a damaged 4S battery - Do not try this!

N5000.4S.35.jpgI purchased a 5000mA Turnigy Nano-Teck 4S 35C, at Hobbyking for my quad-copter in build.

After a small error, i fried out one the "ground side" cell of my battery with 5 or 6 recharge cycles.
So i decided that i dont need right now a 3S battery, so i purchased a 1S Turnigy Battery bundle to repair my damaged one.


So first thing first, remove the damaged cell, was easy with my 80W iron.

3689612292?profile=originalThe new cell, fortunately was almost the same size,just a little wider and shorter.

Is a Turnigy 5000mA 40C


Cheking Battery Health - OK!


All ok, and alight, now is soldering time.


A final Check.


And the final result.

After 30min, and some tape i finally restore the battery, i spend 12€ in the end.
The battery is working, and i know that is not a long life battery, after a over discharge, the renaming 3 cells are stressed, but for a low price and only 2 battery's in my gear that worth the risk.
I have some doubts, the cover is insulator tape, and i dont know how she will do in heat. and the C rate, the original turnigy as 35C and the cell that i brought is 40C .

I hope that you enjoyed my little article.

Good flights!

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  • Admin

    Ok guys  Tone down, this is suppose to be discussion among think tank guys not barbarians!!

    it is your model  that is going to burn at the least and  at the worst it going to bang down at some one's head or property.

    Lesson learnt is  LiPo is  large energy  storage which when handled  improperly can be dangerous one way or another if chain of discipline is broken. No one can   dispute that.  So play safe for your self and other( for this  sport/hobby)also.

    Any more harsh language will not be tolerated  irrespective of the hat. This is a blog, if you have any thing meaningful to say  then say it else listen  even if it means nothing to you.

  • Cronselaar - I don't remember anyone suggesting that lipos can blow off a limb, but I don't think anyone is overstating the potential hazards either.

  • Please show us these "Highly dangerous" Lipos that can blow of a limb and sorts... I have tried to get these lipos to go bang etc, the best so far was just a few fire jets.. Mostly just a smouldering battery pack... ( Note: I was trying to see the dangerous side to these batteries, on purpose )

  • Theo, the only person acting like a sociopath is you.  As is evidenced by your post history.  

  • Developer

    Thanks Theo, I look forward to seeing your tutorial.

  • Moderator

    Hi Theo, the idea of a battery tutorial blog post sounds great.  Why don't you put together a tutorial for us?

  • The plastic project is a good idea indeed. Can serve two proposes protection against shortage by impact and diy lipo packs
  • Maybe a useful product would be a  plastic lipo cell holder so that you could buy individual cells and build the size you want. The tabs would slip into this sort of end cap and that would do the connections and keep everything isolated. Maybe screws or better solder to hold in the cell tabs. The balance connector and main leads would be built into that. It would add some weight and bulk but would be easy to repair a pack. An easy 3D printer project.

    I've tried repairing these batteries before and even got flux for working with aluminum but they are not easy to work with, without risking some damage to the pack.

  • Hello, Jorge. Congratulations for your post, it's very helpful. I think this kind of post is what really matters to DIY community, so do not pay attention to baby criers. Information, science, engineering, is for humanity; it shall not be hidden because it may-be-dangerous-if-you-do-not-take-care; knowing the details allows us to take the correct precautions. Regards.

  • Hi, Jorge. Thanks for your post and for 'some' of the following comments. I learn a lot about Lipo batteries.


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