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  • Admin
    :)) , hmm , shouldn't be big problem if it comes up, what ever happened to failover and cluster they were talking about :(
  • D'oh! What's to bet they bring it back online right on time, and everyone's carts are empty. That would be chaos.
  • Admin
    @Simon, check again, it went down few minutes ago , I was ready to confirm my order and it went down :((
  • Webmaster's job on the line...let's see if they recover!

    SparkFun Electronics is Temporarily Closed!
    SparkFun Electronics has been temporarily closed while necessary upgrades are installed and configured.
    Please be patient and check back soon. We're working tirelessly to make this down time as brief as possible.
  • Developer
    I hope they tested a failover server, but it will probably die too, unless Google is hosting...
  • It's working fine for me here in New Zealand. It's 4 am. 1 hr to go.
  • SparkFun Electronics is Temporarily Closed. I think the servers have let out some magic smoke :P
  • Admin
    The site went down with 1 hour to go!!!!! ?!!
  • yeah, the site is basically useless for me.
  • I feel sorry for SFE's servers... Woohoo this is exciting!
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