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  • Looks like my bet that the Free Day will be over in 42 seconds was optimistic to put it nicely :]
  • Found my cart!
  • Not even partially loading now. Will be kind and give it 15mins :)
  • Developer
    Did they hit the hard restart....
  • Oh, she is slow though. This could get ugly.
  • Admin
    :o) , the site down page is down too!!! i guess the server is in limbo :))
  • Down again :)) that's 100% authentic digital agony right there. Those servers are gonna hate them for this stunt for the rest of their lives.
  • The site seems to be back up now.
  • And it's back up. Cart intact.
  • Developer
    Wish I was monitoring there severs at data center. How many lost/ rejected connections??? Hope it works...
This reply was deleted.