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  • Air Hogs has one, I've seen it at Walmart.  The video feed is not live, it's recorded, play back later but... it's an idea.

  • HELP!!!!!! My son found this site and wants this remote control helicopter for christmas from santa ...and i went to the alibaba web site and it's not's imperative that i find something similar -- can someone help me!!!!!

  • Hahaha i think you misunderstood the seller's condition. Maybe they meant able to supply up to 10000 units. :)


  • Where can you buy one without ordering 10000 of them?

  • This is just a toy, The video monitor on the radio is a great idea but i doubt if anyone can get good video. Without proper vibration absorbtion on the camera, the images will be shaky. Anyway i am sure its a fun thing to have.

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