Remzibi OSD + APM Integration

I finally got my mods to a point where I'm comfortable with others testing. I've only been using it with XPlane seen as it is so dang cold and snowy outside. You need to define OSD_PORT and OSD_MODE_CHANNEL. OSD_MODE_CHANNEL will allow you to assign a toggle switch to turn on and off the OSD overlay while in the air.


Some of the features included:

  • Auto-home saving from init_home()
  • Distance and direction to home
  • Artificial horizon
  • Control mode and next waypoint + distance (working on relaying takeoff, land, etc messages)
  • Overlay on/off via Tx switch

Here are the Remzibi Mods:
|  APM_Config.h  |
#define OSD_PORT            3
#define OSD_MODE_CHANNEL    7

|  ArduPilotMega.pde  |
Medium loop, case 3:

Slow loop, case 1:
// Output OSD Data slow loop

// Read OSD Mode Switch

|   defines.h   |
After GPS type defines:
// OSD type codes
#define OSD_PROTOCOL_NONE       -1

|  commands.pde  |
After line 251, bottom of init_home():
// Save Home to OSD
// ----------------


And finally add the following file into your APM folder:

OSD_Remzibi.pde <-Version 1

OSD_Remzibi.pde <-Version 2


And for my Remzibi layout:


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  • Matthias I'm not sure, I think you can but I have not tried. I power my Xbee off the telem port so I don't bother with powering the OSD. I have a splitter that powers my camera and the OSD off a secondary battery in the plane.
  • Blake,

    Thanks for the good work.

    Can we power up the OSD from the APM Board using the telem port ?


  • I don't have a zip nor will I put one out, I dont want anyone to confuse a zip with my mods for the stable release. The config changes are straightforward, what is not working?
  • Could provide a good set of ArduPilotMega REMZIB-osd package to a folder I refer to it? How do I set will not work, very depressed, my E-MAIL is,thanks
  • I have not tested in the field, been too cold + tons of snow. I'm also in the process of finishing up my ground station setup.
  • Nice work ! Have you tested it in the field ?
  • Version 2 posted to the blog that fixes the AH and also adds BATTERY_EVENT support and voltage reading.3692153201?profile=original
  • mmormota - I noticed that as well, when I was using it without the sim it was right, I will double check that again. I still can't seem to figure out how to read the command structure though for takeoff, landing, and loiter. I thought it was part of the location struct which you could use get_wp_index(int id) and it was part of that.
  • Ask direct from remzibi itself from rcgroups forum:



    remzibi's blog - RC Groups
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