Rent a Drone @ 190 EUR


German company providing drone rentals @ 190 EUR [private use] or @ 420 EUR [commercial use]. Interesting to note, units supposedly easy to control for the novice via video goggles and Tablet PC, remote control or using GPS waypoint navigation. English translation of website via google available here.

For the record, not associated with firm(s) in any way -- posted for informational purposes only.

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  • For those interested in renting in the United States.  Check out Blue Skies Drone Rental.  Will ship to you!

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    Ah you need to look harder into Microdrones. I know of at least one user that managed to get a complete refund from them for their system. If you are getting any form of use out of the images its commercial gain, you would not be renting one for fun.

    Having your own UAS is fine in the UK, as soon as you strap a camera to any model it becomes a UAS. You don't even have to have an autopilot on it.

    To make your system legal for hire and reward you would have to complete SRG form 1320, if it weighs less than 7Kg have a BMFA B cert and fill out an Ops manual in accordance with the guidance on 1320 and CAP 722. Then send the nice people at the CAA a cheque for 106 squid I think it is. They will then check out how you operate and approve you.

    Who will Police this any one of the 70 companies already licenced.

    Yes you could lease equipment from a company, but it would be upto you to comply with CAA regs if you were using the images for anything. I should imagine if you did'nt you would not get any insurance.

    Its a thorny issue, no doubt the upcoming clarification of the regs promised by the CAA will close a couple of tricks people are using at the minute.

    Its a snake oil filled market.

    Have a search around for Mersyside Police.
  • Seems "Rent UAV" business model is robust in UK, check out another microdrone supplier -- MW Power Systems
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  • Are you sure on this being illegal in the UKGary?

    I think "commercial" might mean in the terms of service itself (i.e flying for reward) as opposed to the equipment?

    If I buy an Arducopter kit, surely that's commercial too??? You've exchanged money for a UAV, the fact you are hiring it per hour surely doesn't make a difference? You aren't actually flying the beast for money in either scenario.

    Just a thought.

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    Detect sense and avoid, this just in If you don't want to click the link, Aeromech and Barron Associates just released that they are part of $2.4 mil research project.
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    ooh thats interesting, totally illegal as well!! I shall email them to find out how much it costs.

    Due to the various options available on the Camerent UAV please call for pricing, we normally provide our UAV with an operator to ensure you get the most from the equipment.

    I can't email them they don't seem to have any live email addresses on their site
  • re: rent a drone .... another example .... rent / hire UK based Camerent UAV
  • Interesting article . . . If You Can’t Afford a UAV, Rent One
    Seems the military wants to be able to fly over U.S. cities and homes -- wants the FAA to change airspace regs. Food for thought . . . the following FAA concerns might also apply to R/C (my opinion) -- as quoted in above article;
    - "develop adequate sense-and-avoid technologies to prevent collisions", view diydrones blog post covering this topic;
    - "ensure that hackers can’t corrupt the communications link between UAVs and their operators", view diydrones blog post covering this topic.
  • Yes, 190 Euros per hour
    Service is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (franchise network)
    More info via sUAS News
  • Hi Gary and Fabien,
    it´s not that easy in germany. The main problem is that it´s basically not clear...
    The law on model airplanes under 25kg does not explicitely exclude commecial use. There are several interpretations and there were some changes not so long ago which were ment to make it clear, but actually did not.
    Then there comes the federal structure of germany which means you got aprx. 25 different administrations for different regions which interpret in their own way....

    In general it means you have to ask and do paperwork before the flights (if the company does not have a general license fo that region, which is true for some).

    But I´m not a lawyer, just careful...

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