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Report on Drone Journalism meetup


I participated in a great Drone Journalism meetup at the Storify offices in San Francisco last night, with packed house of attendees. Other panelists were Matt Waite of the University of Nebraska Drone Journalism Lab, Tyler Brown of the Occucopter project, Jennifer Lynch of the EFF and Ryan Calo of Stanford University Law School. 

Jim Swanson also brought his big Mikrokopter octo (above), mostly to spin the props so people would know I was serious when I called multicopters "flying lawnmowers". (My point is that it's dangerous and illegal to fly these things over crowds, as some of the more naive drone journalism advocates want to do). 

The panelists described what was possible with drones today, but focused even more on safety, legality and practicality. You can read a Storify report on the evening here

Here's me with one of Tyler's quads.


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  • @chris well done on the presentation bit ;),btw was wondering if a shroud like AR drone would help, I would be keen on exploring the aerodynamic drag of such a shroud and secondly understand the injuries ( classify them by the angle at which they hit prop - to test theory) , any thoughts/suggestions
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    Monroe: Just three. It was more a "tell" than a "show" meeting. 

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