Reptile 500 FPV Rebuild








There was a blog post a while ago of someone who made his wiring very clean by wrapping it together, so I decided to do the something cause I was very tired of all these random wiring sticking out everywhere. I also decided to move the battery to the bottom of the quad so that the quad is not so out of balance with the battery at the back. 

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  • somehow i still fail to take a stabilized lift...

  • Yes I know that the weight is the key but after a while I couldn't reduce its weight anymore so recently I bought a DJI F450 frame which is lighter and more rigid. 

  • try to make it more lightweight to get more flighttime..this is the key

  • That sounds like my setup, 7-8 is what I get as well, you need to put a bigger battery to get more time. You can go for a 4s 5000mah which will reduce your 67% and bring your flight time up.

  • Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me your quad's flight time and weight. I have the same frame and for a weight of 1600 gr (3s 4000 mAh, sunnysky 2212 980, 10x4.5) I get 7-8 minutes before the first beep and it hovers at 67%. I believe I have to reduce its weight so that's what I am doing know.

  • No you do not get longer flight times, you need to measure your motors amp/h usage and make the propellers smaller or bigger to get the max flight time.

  • So by using 4s instead of 3s, do you guys get longer flight times except from more power?

  • Ok cool, thanks!

  • @aaron fly 12-15min on a 4S 4000 25C zippy compact or 18-20 on a 5000

  • I know this post is kind of old, but @Jeroen Brosens, what kind of flight time were you getting with your set up? I've really been considering using that frame with those motors, I'd realy like to have aroud 10 minuets of flight time.

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