Return to Launch flight mode in SmartAP

I would like to share the latest SmartAP autopilot progress. As well as GPS Position Hold mode (introduced ~1 month ago), now it has Return to Launch flight mode. No matter wherever the copter is, just switch to RTL and it will come back to its home position autonomously. You can watch the video of Return to Launch test flights above. At the moment, waypoint flight mode is being tested.


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  • Yes, absolutely agree :)

    Thanks for suggestion, I definitely need to try this.

  • Yeah it is a really nice module. I guess you have to wait for the GPS to lock anyway ;)

    The time it takes to set up the network is due to negotiating a private network IP, I think, e.g. 169.x.x.x and you may be able to shorten it by setting a static IP on your phone/tablet.

  • Thanks, Matt! Yes, WiFly module is used for wireless telemetry. I really like it, especially because you can connect to it directly from laptop / smartphone / tablet. An only disadvantage is that it takes him about 30 seconds to create WiFi network after power up.

  • Hey Kiril, nice work. I see the WiFly module on there. Are you using that for telemetry?

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