Review of the APM 2.x anti-vibration 3D printed :Omnimac


AMAZING and THX GUYMCCALDIN ! Guy is the guy, a member of this community, who built a 3D printable APM suspension system. As you see on the hover graph above, for my large X8 octo, I get vibrations between -0.03g and +0.03g (to compare with the vibrations I got just using zeal tape +0.15g and -0.15g ).

So this is a factor x5 improvement on vibrations reduction !

Here attached a picture to show the details on how I mounted APM on this suspension system. You can get it at shapeways; I have no personal interest in shapeways, nor in the business of Guy but I think we should encourage people like him who build such perfect tools for our hobby:

here :

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  • Hello Guy,

    is there any way that I can obtain a step file of the damper?

    I printed 3 allready (just one was good enough to go on the copter :-) ) but now I am modifyng Johar Palicita's frame to fit your damper.     and it would be so very nice to have the step of it ....keep up the good work!    


  • MR60

    @John, yeah the waiting can be long. In the meantime you can eventually try using soft ear plugs.

  • Just waiting for my dampeners to come in so i can try this mount.

  • MR60

    Very frustrating and disgusting from these Chinese copiers. I am glad I got it from shapeways!

  • How frustrating. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. BTW I'm in Antarctica right now and will be flying your design over the active lava lake at Mt Erebus in the next couple of weeks if all goes well.

  • MR60

    If I am not wrong, buying through shapeways serves a donation. Buy there rather than Chinese copies. Anyway buying in China comes to be more expensive with shipping costs.

  • (PS: I bought a black edition via shapeways) ;-)

  • Guy...

    Not sure if this is your product, but goodluckbuy are shipping the entire unit for considerably less than your shapeway channel. I hope they've not just ripped you off...

  • Does anyone know where to find the vibration dampers? Hobbyking has them out of stock for quite a while.

  • MR60

    3692885952?profile=original@LUkasz, for comparison BEFORE using this suspension system just with zeal tape equivalent, this is one of my tlogs for the exact same machine : vibrations extend from -0.2g to 0.2g (so more than x5 in improvment with the suspension system).

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