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  • I wonder how the mag works directly on the powergrid and how many gps glitches he will have without a gps backplate. Combine that with low piloting skills and you will replace the airborne network stuff every "flight".

    Nice interview anyway.

  • Remember when Rotomotion did this with gas copters with 45 minute flight times.  Maybe the punch line was that ordinary technology workers can now do it, which says more about what kinds of technology jobs are around now, compared to years ago.

  • Developer

    Adam Conway :

    If you have a WiFi link that is stable enough I don't why we wouldn't do it.

    I have done some work on FPV, but stopped because I had a bad IP camera (MJPEG output, I had to do the video decoder by hand on android). Now I have a good camera but no time to work on it. Here is the issue:

    To make it work right I need to use android's own video decoder,  so we have hardware acceleration.

    To make it usable to a larger audience a why to encode analog video to digital IP video is also necessary, as almost everyone doing FPV has analog video.

  • Yes please send me a faster charger :)  I charge at 2A not for any particular reason.

    Arthur, I want video and control over the same channel... when you get there, I am there :).  I am a huge fan of  droidplanner!  it was actually sitting on the Nexus 7 sitting on the table top.  

  • but you cant run it as a hot spot with 4g speeds :D

  • Developer

    It's a nice interview.

    Just to remember: You could already control a ArduPilot via WiFi with DroidPlanner since March 27.

  • @Robin, Lol I was thinkin the same thing! :P

  • someone needs to send this guy a faster charger :D 

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