Robot_Blockly Update


Robot_Blocky has been updated with the following improvements

  1. New launch file
  2. Self contained Python web server
  3. Save to file ability
  4. Load from file ability
  5. Erle-Brain block status led control
  6. Execution "Pause/Resume' ability


New launch file and Python web server
The new Python web server allows Robot_Blockly to be self contained by launching its own server. The server creates the website directly from the source files located in /frontend.

The web server and the backend are now executed at the beginning of the execution. We use a new roslaunch file to execute both nodes at the same time. Nodes are created from and files.

Save to file / Load from file
Blockly workspace can be now saved or loaded using a XML file. This allows to share different block configurations among the community.

Erle-Brain block
New Erle-Brain block has been created with capabilities to control the orange and blue statusleds.

Execution 'Pause/Resume' ability
Code execution can be now paused and resumed. This allows the user to have a bigger control over performance.

Further improvements

Changes that are in development or will be developed soon:

  1. ROS code obtainment and execution in backend. This will reduce web traffic and will allow developers to work in pure python code. It will also reduce debugging time significantly.
  2. Sensor reading blocks. Sensor information will be usable to create more interesting block configurations.
  3. Cancel the current execution. This will increase safety and control over the robots.

The following github users helped the erle-robotics team with this the update.
Nickolaim, AndriyPt, awesomebytes

Source code

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  • This is great! I messed with "scratch" last year, while building a little robot with my son. It was a hack though, there was a lot in the way...

    This looks promising! I'll have to dig out the old bot.
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