Robotshop offers UgCS with autopilot


We have some great news for those of you about to purchase autopilots. 
In cooperation with (and you can now acquire autopilots bundled together with UgCS.
If you are about to get a Pixhawk or an APM autopilot with GPS, you can get the UgCS ONE license on top of that for just a few dollars.

In addition to that you can also get AR.Drone bundled together with UgCS in a similar manner.
For more information please visit and 

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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  • Thanks guys. I will use the proper forum if I need anything else. Very impressed with your software though.

  • Marc, UgCS only shows route with sharp turns if you select spline waypoints your drone will fly accordingly. Its restriction of universality. Cannot get all tweaked for single autopilot without hurting others. That is simply too much effort, at lest as long as 3DR does not decide to have special version of UgCS from us to upgrade Mission Planner in general. :D

  • Hi Marc,

    for new questions please use UgCS group -

    In all UgCS versions you can save/load missions and routes only in UgCS format (XML).

    You can load route created by UgCS in MissionPlanner via autopilot - upload route to autopilot, stop UgCS, start MissionPlanner, download route from autopilot.

  • I understand how this could be more difficult to implement. But the spline waypoints in Mission Planner make a flight path quite different. I can live without it. But I have to say that after an hour with UgCS this, I am liking it more than Mission Planner. I could not have done that mission above in Mission Planner very easily.

    If you do not mind me asking here, what was the logic of only being able to export mission in XML unless you buy a pro-license? It would be nice to able to exchange routes between Mission Planner and UgCS. Unless I am mistaken, I cannot do this with my license.

  • Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your purchase.

    Regarding spline waypoints - MissionPlanner tied to the Pixhawk and can count even small details of Pixhawk behavior.

    UgCS currently supports 9 autopilots and will support additional 3 this year. So we should make some simplifications or we will drown in differences between autopilots.

    And in any case no one planning software won't give you exact route, because autopilot will calculate exact route in the air. We show turn mode on the screen and think that is enough.

  • Understood. I plan to fly manually and check waypoint altitudes before flying. However the feature I am flying around has high resolution satellite imagery as it is overlooking a major town -- the Venetian Fortress in Nafplio. I also have a low value machine that will fly all missions to check them before flying the expensive one with cameras.

    One thing I have noticed--the spline waypoints are not registering as curves on the map in the same way as they do in Mission Planner. Have I missed something? This is even after I have calculated the path. They still show as sharp-angled turns. Sorry if this is off topic on your post.3702003867?profile=original

  • Please be careful in mountainous areas. Google elevation data puts just 1 approximation point per 200m. We have lost a drone that way. UgCS Pro allows uploading your own more precise elevation data on top (under to be more precise) existing maps if you have such data.

    UgCS ONE is supported and will have all updates until next major version. Exact life cycle is not yet clear, but it will be at least one, one and a half year. UgCS Pro has support for one year with initial purchase and for next years it is planned to be 400$ per year. As long as Pro support is active all updates including major versions will be provided.

  • Alexey. Well you have my $65. I am trying to plan some flights in Greece this summer and it was impossible in Mission Planner.Strangely Google maps in mission planner seems not cover parts of Greece that are in brilliant detail in UgCS but both use Google maps. And given the mountainous landscape, the terrain avoidance seems to work very well. Already your software seems far in advance of Mission Planner for complex Mission Planning. Does the $65 over updates for a period of time or is it lifetime upgrades.

  • Janis absolutely right. We made UgCS for end users like surveyors, fire fighters, rescuers and farmers. They will buy/use ready to flight drones and mustn't change autopilot parameters and so on.

    About classic helicopters - full support will be available in UgCS 2.4, we will release it in few weeks.


  • Can't do that for >9 types of autopilots we support so far in single software.Simply would take too much effort and also legal issues with reuse or obtaining code for calibration part.

    Would gladly do so for those manufacturers who would express interest in that as a special version for their autopilot.

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