Roof inspection using quadrocopters...


Hey, I had to get my roof repaired, and so I took my quad up for a little roof inspection afterwards.  Worked great.  I reckon you could sell this as a package to roofing companies.  That way they could show home owners how bad their roofs are and why they need repair, and then show them how great it looks when all the work is done. 


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  • Hey that's awesome, I think your customers will love it.

  • I am a roofer and I plan on using this as soon as I learn how to fly my new phantom!

  • rather than building a drone to make sure i do my job, please build me one that does my job for me as in bring me shingles or maybe just paint the roof instead replacing

  • I worked, for a short time, with a company doing insurance repairs on roofs. Having done damage inspection in the past, I did initial assessment work for them, looking at storm tracks, going into the field, driving up and down storm hit streets, and giving them a "map" of what houses to send sales associates to first. I always thought a camera equipped UAV would make a great "high ground" tool for an overview of a neighborhood. I never really considered individual home inspections. 

  • Hey this is amazing, easy (as far as I my concernings) and simple. Thanks for share it! I will share my old father's house roof sights very soon :-)

    Do you think there's a business for a company who does this services? Is my very question on this...


  • Sorry, guys..

    A Slovenian branch of the European roofing company Bramac introduced a roof inspection service using quadrotors a month or so ago....

    Link (unfortunately in Slovenian): Bramac - check your roof (Preglejte svojo streho)

  • Yes indeed.  Make them a tool that saves lives, much harder to ban that way.

  • @ Chris,

    Interesting, I've been thinking of a ruggedized, tethered, ground powered, blade protected multicopter capable of serious "work" for some time now.

    Was even contemplating small diameter high pressure "fluid" hose.

    Tree trimming, window washing, house washing, even house painting.

    You might even be able to get some leniency from the FAA for tethered use that met mutually agreed criteria.

    Was thinking of a protected multicopter head with a centrally mounted gimbal for an under carriage that would contain the robotic working "tools" and support the Tether, power line, hose stuff.

    An intelligent power reel could feed tether and if you used a portable mast, could even do a fast retreive in the event of catastrophic failure.

    An Octocopter format could permit recovery with a single motor failure and Electronic redundancy could reduce risk.

    The Motors and most of the stuff you need to do this already exist.

    You want something real for Multicopters to do, don't make them a drone, make them a tool.

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    This is a building inspection I did with my friend Mike, lovely place in Scotland 2010 and at that time I was playing with structure from motion via photosynth.

    The point cloud looks pretty cool

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