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ROS support for Swiftnav Piksi RTK GPS


From the ROS blog:

I'm pleased to announce the release of ROS documentation and source code for the swiftnav_piksi package. 

This package is a ROS release of a driver for Swift Navigation's Piksi RTK GPS receiver module. A pair of Piksi modules connected by a wireless link provides the location of each receiver relative to the other with accuracy as good as a couple of centimetres when there's a clear view of the sky. In addition, each Piksi module provides its location with typical GPS accuracy (about 3 meters). Often, one module is a stationary base station, which may optionally be located at a surveyed point, while the other is mounted on a rover and provides ROS navigation software with a highly accurate position relative to the base station.

RTK GPS has been around for a long time, however the Piksi devices hit a new low price point at under $1000/pair.

The documentation is at http://wiki.ros.org/swiftnav_piksi, and source and the standard github bug lists etc are athttps://github.com/PaulBouchier/swiftnav_piksi.
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  • Has anyone successfully integrated this or similar(REACH RTK?) into a commercial application with Pixhawk or APM? Specifically with GIS?

  • Developer

    I bet we see these popping up on competition sites if base stations are allowed.

    Not yet in the price range for a small DIY budget but nice to see these modules getting available, farmers will love to hear this

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