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  • Very interesting idea use APM as autosteering system. Wait more info about these experiments.

  • Developer

    In a former life I worked on this exact product. Great to see APM doing it on the cheap!

  • Moderator

    Last year I said to a chap here it should be possible if you know that tractor interface and you have made it so. I believe quite a few tractors are autopilot ready these days and its a bolt on extra.

  • very cool. 

  • This is awesome. I always believe there will be apm full size vehicles one day. :)

  • Congratz,Very impressive.


  • Now 3DR will be expand production  to automiotive and agricultural fields! =]

  • APM:Tractor is born! Congrats!

  • Developer

    All the action from Matthew Reimer and his tractor can be followed over here:

    Thanks, Grant.

  •  Impressive!

    "to calibrate the compass rotate the vehicle in all directions on all three axes for about a minute", lol

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