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  • Developer

    Hi Melissa.  Great to hear you building a model one first so you can get familiar with the systems.  Your terminology is a little wonky :-)  To clarify:

    ArduPilot is an open software project.  It runs on all sorts of hardware.  APM2's, Pixhawks, LInux based auto pilots like PXF and Navio.  The analogy is the microsoft windows operating system.  You can run Windows on lots of different types of computers but its still Windows at the end of the day.

    Yes, I recommend the pixhawk as I said its current technology.  You will then be able to have a pixhawk in both your model RC and a pixhawk in your FarmDogg thus making your life easier through consistency.

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Cool. so I'm building a toy version first you recommend I go ahead with the pixhawk instead of the ardu-pilot for that as well? 

  • Developer

    No problem Melissa.  I'd recommend a Pixhawk over an APM 2.6.  The APM 2.6 is deprecated technology - in fact I couldn't find them on the 3DR Store any more.  The Pixhawk is current technology.  I need to update the Rover page to reflect this.

    Anyway, here are the links in the 3DR store:   (you need 2 of these)

    Looking forward to seeing the F. Dogg in action!

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Hey Grant, the

     link on "into to the rover" page is broken and I need to get info on ordering this unit. Can you steer me in the right direction. I don't seem to have any power to post in the APM: Rover Forum yet either so I am hoping this is an okay place to ask for help.

    Thank you!

  • Developer

    When you say path following do you mean like follow a painted white line or something else?

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Can't wait for path following.  Maybe after the Google buyout.

  • Hi    can you make the follow me mode work on rover



  • Best way to test your codes too to see if they work. Before applying onto aircrafts
  • Admin

    Nice work Grant!



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