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  • Selling an extra Emlid Reach RTK Kit if anyone is interested.  Only used for bench testing and setup...never flown!

  • Hello  all, 

    I am trying to integrate an Ellipse D Dual GPS RTK unit with Pixhawk. I've reviewed this thread and documentation for the Septentrio AsterRX-m, Terruss Prec 305 board, and Pixhawk. And haven't been able to answer some fundamental questions. I hope to leverage the collective experience and wisdom of this community to get this integration working. 

    Please forgive the forthcoming stupid questions:

    Does the Pixhawk require a compass input via ICI? I ask this question because the documentation for installing the Prec 305 on a Pixhawk only shows a connection to the GPS port on the pixhawk.

    3702304616?profile=originalI know there are differences with every system but it looks like they are using Vcc, Rx, Tx and GND. Is compass data embedded in serial string on the Tx pin? If not and if its required how do I get compass data to the pixhawk. I know I can use the 3dr GPS/Compass and just unplug the GPS part. But it seems there must be a more elegant solution. 

    Once I get that up and running, I want to add the RTCM message. The plan is to use MAVLink to transmit RTCM to the rover. Is that message information on the serial 4/5 Tx. Rx pin? In other words, what port on the pixwhawk contains the RTCM information?

      I appreciate your time and help. 



  • Wow, NS-HP RTK module is working with ArduCopter:-)

  • Here is return to launch auto landing using Iris and 5Hz single-frequency RTK module:

    It's in GPS/Beidou mode though. Next  week when less windy, will do hover and return to launch using 5Hz GPS-only NS-HP-5. 

    To do stable RTK hover, seems need to make Iris use barometric altitude prior to RTK fix, and use RTK altitude afterwards. Would someone care to give hint which part of the code may need to be modified for this? Thanks.


  • Emlid is just L1 whereas Septentrio asterx-m is L1/L2. This is a significant fact. You have to consider also a good antenna ...

  • RTCM - MavLink mix, very good!

    when can see in arduplane?

  • @Sergey

    If you can evaluate each RTK modules that will be very nice:-)

    Do you have any plan to get Reach by Emlid?

  • After being satisfied with performance tuning of this all-in-one evaluation board tailored also for UAS application and getting SMT-made ones, we’ll have a quadcopter demo video.


  • Unfortunately we do not have NS-HP yet. We have ordered the receiver S2525F8-BD-RTK, diler promised to deliver in November, but has not yet received...

  • @Oliver,

    Actually, I am curious on NS-HP.

    Could you show similar testing with ArduCopter?

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