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    @Jesus, the main problem with NMEA is that the clear text is very inefficient. Limiting how fast you can send updates on serial. Also, many GPS manufacturers will offer more data/options from the GPS outside what is covered by the NMEA standard.

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    here is a video of the setup I used.

  • I don't fully understand why ardu- (plane, copter, rover) begin to support a proprietary vines protocol from Septentrio while dropping more and more support for open standard NMEA.

    A lot of different boards and solutions like Reach and others are capable at the very least to output extended NMEA which informs about RTK fix quality etc.

    IMHO ardu-community should fully support extended NAMES in order to allow for a wide number of solutions.
  • Michael, like Jesus A. said the rover costs around 5K. I don't have experience with using a normal Survey Grade GPS as base station. We don't use a local base station. We use NTRIP, in Belgium different reference stations are spread and they send correction data (RTCM) to our laptops. 

  • How long was your survey time on the base station? That's one of our annoyances with RTK since we weekly move to different locations (portable NovAtel system here) for testing. We're developing against the LEA-[x]T series and RTKLIB and computer at this point. We typically run 30min minimum.

    I'm assuming that the navspark setup is basically an all-in-one rover [board], just get a wireless connection to get RTCM from the base and viola, sub cm gps data comes out of it? Does the board gracefully handle cycle slip onboard (biggest concern with flying around trees), or is that passed onto the INS/EKF solution?

    Our novatel base station and rover cost around 8K... each. We got the rover for our non-flying projects, e.g. larger vehicles. Hoping to get our Ublox setup out of prototype stage and running on the drones this year. It's nice having the matching rover unit--super easy to setup, but dang huge for a UAV.

  • Septentrio asterx-m is in the order of 5k if I remember well.

    Rtk is going to be used everywhere in the future. In fact if you have gsm onboard you can just use CORS network in your country
  • Thanks Stijn for your answer.

    As the title of this topic indicates, I guess this will be improved in ArduCopter 3.4. Any body has more detail? 

  • Indeed, I adapted the ArduCopter3.3 code to make use from the GPS altitude. When the GPS status switches from 3D Fix to 3D Fix RTK I use the heigth measurements from the GPS instead of those from the barometer.

  • Stijn,

    ArduCopter 3.3's EKF does not use GPS's altitude. It uses the barometer's altitude instead. Could you please tell more how the GPS's altitude is used?

  • Hi Stijn,

    How much does the Rover cost? Will I be able to use a normal Survey Grade GPS (i.e. Leica, Topcon, Trimble, etc.) as a Base?



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