RTKLIB Web Console by DROTEK : you'll forget command-line tool after using it !

We recently talked about physical characteristics of our SMARTNAV-RTK GNSS and we now want to introduce the features of the application installed on the device that makes SMARTNAV-RTK plug and play for the average person and easily customizable for advanced users.

RTKLIB Web Console was developed in order to make the use of RTKLIB more user-friendly. We’ve totally rethought the way of using RTKLIB and your SMARTNAV-RTK GNSS can be managed exclusively from Web Console. No need for remote logins to your device to configure additional parameters or for shell script executions … all you need is Web Console.

Here is a short presentation of available features  :


Application architecture is as below : 

-       The Front-end uses AngularJS Framework

-       And the Back-end uses NodeJS Framework

The design is totally web responsive; it means that the application supports many devices.  


This tab shows you the quality of GNSS signals, it can help you finding a good position for the base :

-       RTK Satellites chart shows SNR for common satellites between base and rover

-       BASE Satellites chart shows signal-to-noise ratio for the base


Map page is useful for monitoring the quality of solution in real-time. Choose your scale and visualize the deviation map where you can read position variations over time. 


From this page you can choose the mode you want to run (rover or base) and manipulate all the parameters available for RTKLIB.

Preloaded configuration files are accessible but you can create your own one and save it.


Consult log files from Web Console. 


Administration tools for SmartNav-RTK :

-       Control status and manipulate RTKLIB service

-       Export logs files without using any third-party application

-       Sync system time with GPS Time.

-       Update system with the latest release of SMARTNAV-RTK firmware.  


For the moment SMARTNAV-RTK is only available in XL version but the light version is on the rails and will be available soon.

Due to user demand, we’ve updated our XL price list so that you can buy unit one by one and without any antenna. Don’t forget to add a second unit for the first order ;-)

The source code will be available at the end of the week; we progressively migrate our work through github, sorry for the delay.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate ;-)  

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Comment by JB on March 30, 2016 at 7:30pm

Nice! What are it's dimensions and weight?

Comment by Digital Wings on March 30, 2016 at 9:04pm
Comment by Kevin Lopez Alvarez on March 31, 2016 at 3:07am

@ JB : it is 11cm diameter and 140g for Pro XL version and 7cm diameter and approximately 60g for Basic XL version


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