Rude response from my AMA District VP

I asked my District Website if they would post info about the AMA elections since nominations are due June 16. As an AMA member I thought it was an important issue.3689388164?profile=original






Response from Bob Brown, AMA District VP:


"The following gentleman is the one we want nothing to do with...right?"


Hope this proves I am not lying about what is going on.

Do not trust the current leadership (District VP's are the leaders),


In as much as the AMA may become the only way to fly for fun in the future, this needs to be known by everyone here who is a recreational flyer.


Full email received includes my question:


"The following gentleman is the one we want nothing to do with...right?

Bob Brown

On Apr 24, 2011, at 11:23 PM, Duane Brocious <> wrote:

> This is an enquiry e-mail from Duane Brocious (
> Follow up on previous question; from AMA:
> Nominations Due for AMA President, Executive Vice President, and Vice Presidents in Districts III, VII, and XI
> Nominations for the offices of president, executive vice president and vice presidents in Districts III, VII, and XI are due at the Headquarters of the Academy of Model Aeronautics by June 16, 2011. Any AMA Open Member may submit a nomination.
> Can this be posted on our website.
> Thanks
> Duane

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  • Insurance isn't needed. Just a safety code. A free recreational sUAS organization (CBO) HERE

    No dues or fees!

  • You should post his e-mail address here. We'll make sure he gets the memo.
  • Moderator
    RCAPA found insurance, maybe you need to start working with them.
  • In addition, this may be some of the annimis we see.  The fear of an alternate policy as competition which leads to a dilution of members and power.  It seems to me that they(AMA) are more interested in power retention than in peserving the sport of modeling.
  • It seems to me that an organization, however loosely formed, such as diydrones, could find an underwriter to offer our own insurance to its members ( a considerable number now and growing) and thus remove one argument from the pompous attitudes over there.
  • If the AMA gets their way with the FAA/Congress, they will have the Feds come and confiscate your planes and equipment and fine you. I do not want that to happen, however one guy against the AMA is a daunting task.
  • This is why I am no longer a member.... The local district guys know I fly on several privately owned acres (mine) I have had a phone call implying they will "turn me in".. My response? Go for it! Now a couple of former AMA members fly on my property WITH my permission... What are they going to do? :]
  • Yup, and emails last forever. Can't delete them from the internet like posts on a forum.

    If any of the AMA's current "projects" ever get to the courts I am betting several AMA leaders will be doing time.

    I am also betting that if the AMA gets what they want from the Govt, the ACLU will get involved and tear them to shreds. After 75 years of good works for all American hobbyists, I think the current leadership have turned it into an abomination. I guess all good things must end. 

  • too funny

  • T3
    This is what happens when you get confused between reply and forward....nice.
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