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The first Solo's are now arriving, and reviews are great (you can now order it here). The next thing to arrive, in a few weeks, will be the custom 3DR gimbal, with integrated GoPro control, HDMI video down the app and smart autopilot control.  But the main thing people want to know is how good is the video? This good!  

From the team:

We’ve received so many requests for footage from the Solo gimbal, we took a break from some time out filming with Brainfarm in Cabo to shoot a quick example of Solo’s Smart Shots, shot from one of our Solo gimbals in final testing. This is footage straight from a GoPro Hero 4 Black shot at 1920 x 1080 at 60 FPS with no post-processing for fisheye removal. You can look forward to even better footage with your Solo gimbal as we lock in changes from final tests and begin shipping!

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  • Can we expect to see some GoPro control functions added to the APM stack for regular vanilla Pixhawks?

    Start, stop, and mode change in the air would sure make life easier for folks filling up their memory cards while waiting for GPS lock!

  • no wind

  • Thank you John and Chris for the thoughtful response.

  • Now fly 8 miles down the coast.

  • Is the video transmission from the Solo limited by wifi range?
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    Acorn, we may release gimbals for other cameras in the future, but one of the key points of Solo is that it lets you control the camera from the app, which means start/stop and change modes, along with piping HDMI all the way through to the ground. That's what the tight integration with the GoPro allows. 

  • Developer

    Speaking in generic terms, the crucial point for great performance on any gimbal, is getting the camera CG absolutely perfect and having PID tuning to match. Meaning that a gimbal supporting multiple cameras will require re-balancing it when you put on a different camera. Something that can be harder then it sounds when it has be to perfect i all three axis at the same time.

  • Chris, is it so difficult to design a gimbal that works with a wider selection of cameras other than the Go Pro? I'm considering an upgrade to my current setup and Solo would be on my radar but the Go Pro is a real deal breaker for me.
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    It would be fantastic if the gimbal and controller could be used with other UAVs, like my 3DR Y6B for example. I'm really liking the form factor of the Solo's radio, and the interface with the GoPro and gimbal via the app is very slick. As a DIYer though, I'm reluctant to get a premade drone, even as great as the Solo's features are.
  • Great video chris! Anymore details on the gimbal? I.e will it be compatible with systems other than Solo?
    What type of interface does it have?
    Does it have built in transmitter?
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