Bit of a snippet...

"There is little that current technology can do to mitigate this problem, with the exception of complex directional antennas used in military applications.

Sat-nav receivers will be blinded for tens of minutes, probably a few times a year at the solar maximum."

Doesnt bode well.....

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  • This is typical BBC scaremongering;

    Firstly, even in the height of the solar storms, the GPS soldiered (albeitly with larger errors).
    We are currently in a Solar Minimum that is slow in starting back to the peak that is normally an 11 yr cycle.
    It is unlikely that this coming Solar peak will be anything like the previous one so the occurrences they are talking about are expected to be rare indeed.
    And yes, there are mitigation strategies but they involve short baseline differential corrections.
    The Beeb should know better.
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