Scale CAD models of APM & FPV related hardware


Hi Guys,

I have created a number of extra scale models to aid me in the design process.  Links to design files (skp) are below for use by all.  From left to right:

1. RFD900 (Sample kindly provided by Seppo for modelling purposes - and delivered overnight.. just fantastic)

2. MinimOSD

3. DIY 5.8Ghz VTX (I can post eagle files if anyone wishes to use this)

4. 3DR Power Module

5. Arduino Pro Mini

6. Turnigy 6A ESC (stripped and with 5V linear regulator removed)

7. APM 2.5 (posted previously, available in wiki)


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  • Can you share these on the CAD Drones Community?! I'll give you FREE full subscription access to the site for life! With automatic access to all of our future softwares, features, and add ons.

  • Chad - My apologies mate.

    I have re-uploaded the files and restored the hyperlinks in the post above.

    See here for a few other models.

  • Is it still possible to get these models for solidworks or perhaps another format?  All of the links are broken, I could use them!  thearcdragon at please!

  • Enes - No worries.

    Joshua - Mate, that is absolutely fascinating!  It sounds to me like all blessing and no curse.  If you have a cognitive ability that the rest of us lack, cherish, harness and exploit it.  Tesla was a true visionary obsessed with solving what were, and still are today, the very hardest problems to solve.

    While very much at risk of sounding nostalgic, I must say that I marvel when pondering what Tesla would make of our little community of UAVers.  There is no doubt he would be filled with a sense of great achievement if he saw the way in which his incredible technological breakthroughs have been employed in our creations... not to mention how much he would admire our open source philosophy.

    BTW - If you haven't seen this, you simply must.

  • My doctors have called it Photographic memory mixed with an abnormal control and ability to put myself into deep lucid dreams.

  • @Quadzimodo, It's funny you mention tesla!  I first got interested in CAD because I suffered from seizures as a young child age 8-13 and after my short stint with prepubescent nocturnal seizures I was able to close my eyes and be staring into a 3D Environment.  From the age of 14-22 I have mastered the ability to the point where I can achieve CAD like precision and accuracy within the 3D Environment when I close my eyes.  When I asked what kind of profession I should go into I was told CAD over and over again and now that I'm a year into my CAD Engineering degree I completely understand why.  It's a miracle/blessing and a curse (It makes it hard to sleep sometimes when you can't shut it off)!

  • Yes maybe we can work together. I have a quite busy lifestyle but whenever I find free time I do something to help the community.

    By the way, these are built by solidworks.

  • Hi Gary,
    Sounds good, and makes perfect sense. Please note that I have done some work on the PX4FMUV2.3, but am yet to complete it at proper scale... I have generated and extracted the board art, along with the components from the earlier incarnation, but I couldn't find accurate board dimensions to properly set the true size. I am not sure if I am double handling here, so just let me know.
  • Hi Quadzi,

    Excellent, I will set up a Wiki access page for the Sketchup files that you have supplied plus the PX ones from the PX4 site.

    Other than a few JPG, I am only going to include Sketchup for now because it is a nice free 3D Solids program that works OK and any of us can get it and at least learn to use it to move stuff around and produce illustrations from it fairly easily.

    I am still not good with getting multiple objects to scale, replicate and line up with each other and find some features I used to use in AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Solid works and even TurboCad frustratingly absent in the free version of Sketchup.

    I may take you up on your offer.

    The cost and lack of universal availability of the above mentioned programs does however, like Eagle for PC layout make Sketchup really the only possible choice.

    I will put together a trial page over the next few days and post a link to it when it is ready for review.

    Thank You,


  • Justin - Sorry, I forget to add the hyperlink in my response to you.  It can be found here

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