Scale CAD models of APM & FPV related hardware


Hi Guys,

I have created a number of extra scale models to aid me in the design process.  Links to design files (skp) are below for use by all.  From left to right:

1. RFD900 (Sample kindly provided by Seppo for modelling purposes - and delivered overnight.. just fantastic)

2. MinimOSD

3. DIY 5.8Ghz VTX (I can post eagle files if anyone wishes to use this)

4. 3DR Power Module

5. Arduino Pro Mini

6. Turnigy 6A ESC (stripped and with 5V linear regulator removed)

7. APM 2.5 (posted previously, available in wiki)


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  • Thank you for the explanation. This works just fine, but a "solidworks model or assembly" offers more flexibility thats why I asked. 

  • Gary - My pleasure
    Trung - Thank you
    Stefan - The work of others has saved a great deal of my own valuable time, time which I would have otherwise had to invest myself, so it is nice to think I can return the favour occasionally. I don't use solidworks, can't afford it (the quote I received was 'out of scope' for my purposes). Sketchup is my tool of choice and, while less powerful, it serves me well. You can download the Sketchup version I use for free, and I expect a commercial plug-in may exist that can export to the format you desire.
  • Really nice, that will help a lot of us! What program did you use to draw these models? do you have solidworks files perhapse? That makes it a bit more dynamic to changes. when using it.

  • 100KM

    Thank you very much for sharing.  I was surprised  by the level of detail when I opened them.  Tremendous work.

  • Moderator

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing.

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